Wally West-Speedster Extraordinaire by Croaky

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Birdflash: "I just really need to have you here right now."


Fucking dammit Anthony why do you do this to me

Post-Endgame because I’m a masochistic little shit

"…I just really need to have you here right now." The wind blew Dick’s hair, blowing the locks into his dulled eyes. "But I know that’s not possible." He laughed hollowly before bringing his thumb to his mouth and biting the nail. Nasty habit really; Alfred would scold him for it.

"I never told you the truth, did I, Wally?" His lips formed a bitter smile as he closed his watering eyes. "I loved you, you know. I think you were it for me, Walls. But I never said a thing. And now it’s too late."

His throat started to feel tight. He refused to cry. Wally wouldn’t want him to cry. Not over him. “It’s hard without you, you know. It’s just not the same. I even…I left the Team.”

"I just…I want my best friend back."

There was no answer.

There was never an answer.

Dick turned and walked away from the grave.


things i miss about pre-nu52 dc: officer dick grayson


no… my team needs me. and i need them.

robin trapped in his own mind, teen titans: year one #6

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Happy Dick/Wally Week!


I might actually do it. I might actually draw all the titans this time.


Elena Casagrande’s Nightwing! She started it at NYCC. It’s gorgeous and she’s lovely. Thank you Elena!


Teen Titans (v2) #13 (1997) by Dan Jurgens (writing, penciling) and George Perez (inking).

lmfao i luv you all




fighting crime with my best bud. #selfie

I actually drew this a while ago and never posted it, which is actually lucky because it means I get to put it up for Dick/Wally Week. YAY!


- Gotham Knights #10

You do absolutely not mess with Nightwing when he is in protective mode. Ever.

One of the scary (and interesting) things about Hugo Strange is that he knows which buttons to push. He is a psychiatrist after all, and an excellent one at that. He knows how to read people. In part, Dick is vulnerable to his influence here because he’s so blinded by emotions and he is perhaps also more emotionally receptive. On the other hand Dick’s training should prevent him from the worst of Hugs’s spells.


Terra Doodles before bed

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Breaking the Sound Barrier by Zarbitter-Salat

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together forever by Crystal-Abyss

emileesaurus answered: dick and wally as the cutest vampire/werewolf buddies

YO this is cute as hell