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the dc fandom rises.

tbh this is like crisis on infinite earths where everyone gets together and starts beating the shit out of the anti-monitor 

in reaction to the wonder woman movie…

we got it, now what? :)



lets not


c’mon damian we all know zayn malik is your hair idol

im in love with everything about this


questions to ask about your favourite character

  • if u gave them an office chair would they spin around on it and wheel around the room
  • how many selfies do they take
  • how much do they yell during a mario kart game


Birdflash! cutie pie boyfriends on a date <33

I actually got really sad drawing this it almost turned into a really angsty picture because birdflash was my OTP for such a long time, but then YJ ended so badly and broke up this dynamic I was just done, but ahhh bringing back this otp is great.


i pay more attention to this blog than i do to my main

seriously tho

look at those activity linez

i pay more attention to this blog than i do to my main

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"teen ginger slut takes balls to the face I"

"teen ginger slut takes balls to the face II"

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where do i sign up to become an amazon

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I may always reblog every gifset/imageset I see of this scene, if only to point out (over and over and over again) that Black Widow’s “very specific skillset” is not, actually, ass-kicking (as amazing as she is at that), because all the Avengers can kick ass to a pretty high degree. The Black Widow’s superpower (as it were) is emotional manipulation.

She is not interrogating this man not while tied to a chair. She is tied to a chair because that is exactly where she wants to be, because apparent vulnerability on her part is part of her interrogation. She uses the exact same trick on Loki later, when she leads him into gloating over having successfully pushed her buttons (and I have a theory that he did actually push her buttons, that she was genuinely distressed by the things he said to her because Loki is old enough and smart enough to know when someone is lying to him) and turns his gloating around on him, uses it to dig into the cracks of him, because that is what she does, and she can do it even when her target is expecting it. (Really, Loki knows that’s why she’s there. He was expecting to be physically tortured first, and for her to come be sympathetic later, if you recall, but Loki and Widow both know that wouldn’t work.)

And this is why she’s so unsettled by the Hulk. The Black Widow relies on emotional manipulation — and the Hulk, to the best of her knowledge, only has varying shades of a single emotion: anger. She doesn’t know how to manipulate a creature if it doesn’t have all the hooks to emotions like pride and lust and guilt and greed that she’s used to using.

Favorite Young Justice Families: Batfam (1/?)
       ↳ Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Barbara Gordon, and Tim Drake


important otp headcanons to consider

  • who wakes up one morning to find the other passed away in their sleep
  • alright goodnight guys i’ll see you in hell

this is fucked up



SHUT THE FUCK UP this is so cute